Es muy común que las personas cambien frases o pasen a ser médicos para recibir cobertura

Pasos básicos para dejar de pagar su seguro de salud

In order to stop paying your health insurance premiums, there are a few steps you should take. Below is a basic guide on how to discontinue your coverage: Step One: Determine if you are covered by your current health insurance policy. Some policies have a clause in them that allows you to discontinue coverage without penalty. Step Two: Consult with your insurance company or the individual policyholder’s representative. Inform them of your decision to discontinue health coverage and ask for the necessary forms or documentation. Step Three: Provide proof of your coverage termination in the form of canceled checks or letter from your insurance company. Step Four: Let your policy lapse for at least 30 days so that any remaining premiums are billed to your credit card/bank account automatically. Congratulations! You have successfully terminated your health insurance policy.

¿Cómo hacerlo? Conclusion

If you are considering taking out a health insurance policy and would like to know how to do it, be sure to check with your employer. Many companies offer policies through their human resources departments. Now that you understand the different ways to lower your health insurance premium, it’s time to learn how to actually do it. The following tips will make the process as smooth as possible for you.

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