Santiago is a painter who has lived in his house in Pirineus, Catalonia for more than 40 years. He settled here because he saw the landscape and sea each day from son north-facing doorstep and has seen nothing else thanks as to what he creates with his paint


El clima en Santiago es bastante variado, de ser una ciudad con gran tradición cultural y artística, se encuentra también con otros elementos tales como el tirar abajo de las aulas que da lugar a estudiantes pobres lanzados de parqueos y calles. Sin embargo, la mayor amenaza para el clima en la ciudad es la falta de Políticas Públicas vigentes que respeten los derechos humanos fundamentales. Although Santiago Segura is now well beyond the life he previously led, in his latest book he brings readers along for a ride back to the city of La Paz where everything seems impossible and painfully real. With razor sharp dialogue and concise, unassuming prose, Segura offers an unconventional and often dark assessment of our world as it stands today where so much is broken yet people cling to their hopes eternally. With blistering wit and a fundamental honesty, Segura wrestles with subjects such as loneliness, desperation, love, hope and fear in ways that are both insightful and moving.


The Santiago Seguera Maas Alla de la Vida project is an ambitious effort to find, document and preserve the cultural heritage of a forgotten people – the Mapuche. The work, carried out in cooperation with the Chilean government, is a major undertaking, one that will ultimately allow the Mapuche people to share their rich culture with future generations. Santiago Segura Mas Alla de la Vida was born on 21st of March 1982 in Madrid, Spain. He started painting at a very young age and his first exhibition was only six years later. His works convey an overwhelming feeling of loneliness or nostalgia; they are pieces of stories that want to be heard. Santiago Segura is part of the generation that experienced the end of Franco’s regime, the dissolution of the Soviet Union, and the worldwide economic crisis. Moreno Albornoz believes that these experiences have left a mark on Segura’s paintings and have inspired him to explore new ways of portraying his emotions.

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Segura mas alla de la vida is a phrase that can be translated to mean “safe beyond life.” This phrase is often used by Santiago Segura, a professional bullfighter, and reflects his commitment to living life to the fullest. Segura began bullfighting at the age of 14 and quickly rose through the ranks. In 2005, he was one of only a few bullfighters considered world-class. That year, he was also awarded the prestigious Campeonato Nacional de Toros (National Championship of Bulls). Today, Segura continues to perform around the world while also coaching other bullfighters. He has founded two foundations—the Santiago Segura Foundation and Fundación Segura Maas Alla de la Vida—to support young people in need and promote education.

Animal Handling

Animal handling is an essential part of veterinary medicine and the Santiago Segura Veterinary College has a long history of excellence in this field. The Division of Veterinary Clinical Sciences offers a highly specialized program in animal handling that provides graduates with the skills they need to work with animals and manage their health. The division’s curriculum is designed to give students a comprehensive understanding of how animals are physically, emotionally, and behaviorally different from people. They also learn how to assess the health of animals and make optimal decisions about their care. Graduates of the division can find comfortable, challenging, and rewarding careers working with animals in research laboratories, companion animal hospitals, wildlife refuges, and many other places where they can be useful and effective.


Los invasores son organismos que llegan a nuestro planeta y que afectan negativamente el estado de las cosas, ya que ponen en peligro la vida de los seres humanos, animales, plantas y recursos naturales. Sin embargo, existen agentes naturales capaces de resistir los invasores y defender el futuro de nuestro planeta. Santiago is beyond life. But it’s also beyond death.

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Prey Spanish Blog Outline: • La situación de la especie • Las decisiones del Consorte Superior • Utilizing the wisdom of natural forests • Estándares

The situation of the species: The situation for many animal and plant species is worrisome. Overpopulation, pollution, and loss of habitat continue to threaten the survival of many species. In order to protect these animals and plants, we must work to create a more sustainable future. We can do this by taking into account the needs of the whole ecosystem – from the smallest microscopic organism to the largest trees – when making decisions. By using this approach, we can promote population growth that is healthy for both the environment and the creatures living within it. La situación de la especie Las decisiones del Consorte Superior Utilizing the wisdom of natural forests Estándares